Junior Branch

Junior Branch

The human spirit is the greatest asset of a society and we see it at its best, in the junior school. A constant buzz is in the air as students, from play group to class 8 exhibit their enthusiasm for life.

The Junior School is a structured friendly environment led by caring and committed teachers, who work with students to develop sound educational foundation. Junior school classrooms are modem and spacious designed for formal and activity based learning.

The Junior School intake years are from Kindergarten to Class 6. In these early years young student’s educational needs are met through a structured curriculum.

A serious and disciplined attitude towards homework is vital if students are to keep up with the academic curriculum. During the entire academic year homework is given to the students. Inevitably the work set and the time spent on it by different students. The homework is given for all the subjects, the checking of home work is done on daily basis and mistakes are corrected on the spot in front of the students.

The school is headed by a Principal who is assisted by qualified and dedicated teachers to guide, groom and educate children for smooth sailing to the higher classes. After Junior School girls move on to School & College for Women whereas boys join the School & College for boys.