Allama Iqbal Higher Secondary School’s foundation was laid in 1982 with few students and one teacher in Bodla Colony Shujabad, that one teacher happened to be the pioneer of providing the outstanding quality education in this small town. The person who broke the ice and opened the new horizons of education was Mr, Altaf Hussain Bodla.

Inspired by the devotion of Mr. Altaf Hussain Bodla, the number of students began to increase and the decision of constructing more classrooms and hiring of more teachers was taken. As a result of this decision the first school campus was built in Bodla Colony.

The first campus witnessed two generations touching the glory of educational standard. The students passing out the school achieved their goals by adopting different respected occupations such as Medicine, Engineering, Army, Air Force and many of them made their way to study abroad in countries like, U.S, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany.

In 2001 the first ever purpose built school campus was made in Shujabad. This step was taken by looking at the future aspect of students need of higher secondary education under the supervision of devoted staff and a leader having more than 30 years of experience in the field of education. There are more than 1700 students enlightening their future in this state of the art facility

There is a very good practice in the school, example of this is included teachers who through their own enthusiasm and excellent subject knowledge motivate and engage students in, learning.