Boys Senior Branch

Boys Senior Branch

Senior Boys

The Senior School for Boys (Class VI to VII) provides the student with first rate education in a caring and nurturing environment. The goal is to graduate a well rounded student, who is poised to succeed at the senior level. A positive transition is effected through the guidance and counseling of the teachers. Educational opportunities are offered for students to learn and grow to the fullest.

A successful implementation of values like honesty, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, truthfulness, caring and sharing, justice and fairness enables the students to prepare for the senior levels. The staff, students and parents work in unison for attainment of these objective

The IT center is the hub for all IT related activities, problem solving, idea exchange and lesson learning. The IT center provides complete networking through the server. It also acts as a support center for Students and faculty. To optimize the computer literacy, each institution at AIHSS is equipped with an independent computer lab, catering the needs of the users. A free and quick access to the internet facilitates students and teachers both to quickly obtain required information.

The IT Center is furnished with 30 IT stations and well equipped library having 5,000 books. It covers latest IT trends and provide forward looking perspective in the 21st Century.